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Minecraft Guide

For programs that include Minecraft, below are important details to address before your first class.

Hardware: your child will need a laptop or desktop that can support Minecraft Java Edition (a Mac or a PC). Chromebooks are not compatible.

Get a Minecraft Account: You will be required to purchase a Minecraft Java Edition account allowing you to save your work. This is not the same type of Minecrafter account used in devices, gaming consoles, nor the Windows 10 app store version. We have created a Minecraft Account Creation Video if you need help creating one. There is a one-time cost of $35 and your account will allow you to save your own work. If your child already has a Minecraft Java Edition account, they can use it in class!

Install Minecraft: Please ensure you have the Java version of Minecraft downloaded on your PC or Mac. We recommend you spend time watching the MakerKids Minecraft Installation tutorial prior to the class (Windows, Mac). Minecraft Java Edition Installer: download link for Windows and Mac.

Join MakerKids’ Server: You will be sent the MakerKids Server address prior to your first class and it will only be available during your child's registered class times.

Testing your controls: We recommend watching Minecraft Controls Video prior to your first class in order to test your controls.

If you'd like support in any of the above, you can call, email us or book a Free Trial and Tech Check.