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About Our Programs

Toronto's #1 Kids STEM program! Our Coding, Robotics and Minecraft programs are now also running with the same award-winning MakerKids Instructors from the comfort of your home.

Our awesome maker community includes kids from Leaside, North York, Uptown, Midtown, East York, East End, Scarborough, York Region and Durham Region and everywhere in between.

Flexible offerings: Options to suit any schedule, either in-person at our Makerspace or virtually from the comfort of home.
  • Camps and PA Days: In-person or virtual camps during PA Days, Winter Holidays and March break.
  • Weekly Programs: In-person or virtual weekly classes paid on a monthly basis. Classes are 1 hour long for MiniMakers and 2hours long for the older children in one of our three core subjects to be selected at registration - Coding, Robotics and Minecraft.
  • Private and Semi-Private Programs: Individual or small group classes that can be customized to your learning goals, pace and schedule.
  • Virtual Birthday and Team Parties: Looking for a way to celebrate a birthday this year? Our parties and events have become very popular and are offered both in person or virtual.
Award-winning local Instructors: Our Instructors are experienced educators and expert Makers. We have a team of highly trained local teachers, recent grads and STEM pros with specialties in coding or robotics. Their accomplishments range from national robotics finalists, mechatronics specialists, game designers, python veterans and more.

Small groups: Our virtual classes are six children or less. Your child will get personalized instruction while balancing the benefit of peer collaboration.

Minimal computer setup: No computer is required for in-person offerings. All virtual programs require a Chrome web browser. Use Mac or PC laptops/desktops (tablets are not compatible). A Chromebook is suitable for Coding and Robotics but NOT for Minecraft.

Minecraft Set Up: Our programs that include Minecraft need an additional setup but our experienced and tech savvy Instructors make it easy. Our Minecraft, Idea Incubator and MiniMaker Experienced camps need to be able to download the Java Edition of Minecraft which is not compatible with Chromebooks. See our Minecraft setup guide.

MiniMakers children are in grades 1-2 while our older students are split from grades 3-5 or 6-8. For summer camps, your grade is based on the upcoming school year.

We offer three core topics – Coding, Robotics and Minecraft. Additional offerings can be accessed through our private/semiprivate courses where we can customize a learning plan the suits your child’s needs.


Our coding program will develop the foundations of coding, problem solving, critical thinking and troubleshooting while fostering creativity and having fun! We use block coding programs such as Scratch, where your child can design their own video games and coding projects. Advanced Coding options available.

 Maker Alumni Fact:
One of our graduates had their game featured on the Scratch website as a result of its global popularity!


Our Robotics programs will help your child develop a key innovator mindset and make their own inventions! Your child will learn about the properties of light, sound, motion and electricity while coding and wiring the micro-controller MicroBit and Arduino, and Vex Robotic Rovers. All our virtual Robotics classes are done using a Robotics Simulator and no additional equipment is needed.

Maker Alumni Fact:
Some of our instructors have competed at the national robotics championship!


Used in over 10,000 classrooms, Minecraft is a game that promotes creativity, collaboration and problem-solving in an immersive digital environment. We teach real world transferable skills like electronics concepts, coding, graphic design, 3D modeling, server structures and resource management while collaborating easily with peers.

Maker Alumni Fact: Kids from our Minecraft classes have formed a tight bond and have become friends outside of class!

If you questions about the program, please email us at leaside@makerkids.com or book a Free Trial and Tech Check.